NYX Gel Liner and Smudger: Review

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m the type of person that is constantly trying new things. That’s the only way you can truly tell if you like a product and if I works or not.  It’s like I’m drawn to the word “NEW”. I get so excited when I get to take it home and try it out. So today I’m going to talk about another new product that I just recently tried which is NYX Gel Liner and Smudger.

Lets start with the packaging, its simple, as most of NYX’s packages always are. The quality of the liner is very good. I’ve been wearing it every day for about a few weeks now and I really like it. It stays on, doesn’t smudge, and goes on easily. The color payoff is good and does not fade during the day. This liner comes in many different colors but I bought mine in 01 Jet Black and paid $7.99 at Ulta.

I use this product by first wetting my brush and then starting out in small sections and connecting it out. If you try to apply it in one straight line, it may not come out as smoothly. I always love to rock a wing, and this eyeliner is perfect for that. It is easy to get it to do whatever you want and create any look you’re feeling.

Overall, this is an amazing product that can fit into anyones budget. I would definitely recommend this liner to anyone who doesn’t want to have to spend a lot but wants something that is a quality product. I know I personally love this liner and will be picking up another one when I run out :)

Tip of The Week: Stopping That See All Gap In Your Shirt

I know that we have all had that one button up shirt that pulls in the center and creates a gap showing well, EVERYTHING. It personally happens to me all the time.

For those who are like me and don’t want to have to go up a size because it fits perfect everywhere else, here’s a good tip that I have learned. It’s so simple, I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner. So here’s what you do:

Step one: put on the shirt
Step two: take a piece of double sided clothing tape, or honestly, whatever tape you have, and put it from button to button where there is a gap.
Step three: YOU’RE DONE.

Now I don’t know if its just me or not, but I personally never thought of this. This simple little step that can help you not show everything that you’ve got. I hope this helps you be able to wear that button up shirt again, I know that I will definitely be rocking them soon. Enjoy :)
Xoxo, Kristi


Update: Im Sick

I know that I said that I would be doing a mini Valentines Day series and I was very excited to get started with that, but sadly I have gotten sick. I just went to the doctors and they said that I not only have strep throat, but the flu as well. I know what you’re probably thinking, how does someone get both of these at the same time right?

Well normally I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I usually try not to let me being sick bring me down, but this time around it hit me like a ton of bricks. One day I was fine and the next day I could barely move. I was really looking forward to doing my Valentines Day series, but sometimes you gotta put your health first.

I am feeling much better and will be returning to school so look out for the new blog posts to come. Also, keep up on your Vitamins, especailly the C’s. Everyone seems to be getting sick and trust me, you dont want to get it too. So remember to look out for my new tutorials and comment, subscribe, let me know what you think. :)

Xoxo, Kristi


Valentines Day Series

Valentines Day is approaching very quickly this year. Its almost here and I swear that just yesterday it was Christmas. Before we know it, its going to be St.Patricks Day and Easter. Which I must admit I am very excited for!

I personally love Valentines Day. Being that my favorite colors are pink and purple, its so cute seeing them everywhere for this day. From the hearts to the candy to the movies to the boys, whats not to love!

Every day untill Valentines day, which for those who dont know is February 14th, I will be doing a Valentines Day blog post. It will be like a little mini series. Im going to be posting some hairstyles, makeup looks, outifts, and some other little things all relating to Valentines Day. So stay tuned, subscribe, and comment on what you’d like to see!

With love and glitter, Kristi


Tip of the Week: How to Easily Remove Glitter

Glitter can be a lot of fun and can spice up any look. But the fall out, well… not so much! Nobody wants all that glitter all over their face!

If you’re like me and use glitter a lot, then you must know how difficult it can be to remove. It is a BIG pain. Starting off doing your eyes first is always the best way to a flawless face and eyes. It is much better when you do the eyes and then the foundation so that way you can wipe away the fallout without worrying about wiping away your foundation.

First thing your gonna do is take a fan brush and sweep off whatever fallout is visible right away. The trick is to get the big pieces of glitter off first. Next thing you do is take a piece of scotch tape, dont use duct tape that will not end well, and wrap it around your finger. Lightly pat it to stick it on the pieces of glitter to pick it up. If there is still glitter left on your face, then take a wipe, a makeup wipe would work or even a baby wipe, and gently wipe away whatever glitter is left.

It is also very helpful if you first apply some sort of a shadow shield so that while your working and applying the glitter, a lot of the fallout will land on the shield rather than on your face.

Glitter is one of my favorite things to use and I am always creating new looks with it. Adding a little glitter can make any look that much better. I hope you find these tips helpful!

With love and glitter, Kristi

BH Cosmetics Review

About a year ago I was introduced to the brand, BH Cosmetics and I instantly fell in love. You can get some of the best products I’ve tried, for the cheapest prices. Now normally when you hear cheap prices, you think cheap product. That is not at all the case with BH Cosmetics. They sell such quality products, for really good prices.

The first thing that I’ve ever purchased from them was the 120 Color Palette 2nd edition. I got it for about $30. As soon as I opened up the package I was blown away by all of the amazing colors and how pigmented they all were. After how great that palette was, I ordered more. I got the 120 Color Pallete 3rd edition, two Party Girl Palettes(both for me and my sister), and two 88 color shimmer palettes(one for me and one for my friend.) Every single palette I bought, I got on sale!

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is really great about having sales! Now what girl doesnt love a sale, right! I know I certainly do and thats why I want to share this brand with everyone. Almost everytime I go on their site, they are having some sort of big sale. Now considering their prices are already pretty cheap, getting them on sale is such a steal!

BH Cosmetics Palette

Today(January 21st) they are having a few different sales going on. They are having a pre Valentines Day sale which makes all of the 120 Color palettes only $16. Now sadly that sale is going to be ending on 1/21/13 at 11:59 PM PST. But theres still time! The foundations are also on sale for $5! That is 45% off! You cant get much better than that. Now thats not where the deals stop, the majority of all the eyeshadow palettes are 40-50% off right now as well.

Overall, the quality of these products are great, the shipping came pretty fast and they all came in prefect condition. Whether you are just starting out in makeup or are experienced with it and just want to add to your collection, these are perfect for anyone. Dont wait to check out all these great steals. Check them out at BHCosmetics.com . Maybe you’ll fall in love with them too!

Xoxo, Kristi

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

I recently ran out of my usual foundation and went to the store to get some more. While there I figured I would try something new. Ive always seen the Maybelline Dream mousse foundations around but never actually picked them up. This time Ulta was having a buy one get one 50% off deal, so I figured theres really no harm in trying something new. So thats what I did, and I dont regret it at all.

In the winter my face tends to get a little dry and some foundations can tend to make those dry areas appear sort of flaky, and thats not something that you want on your face. This one didnt do that at all. It has a cream consistancy and applies very smoothly. It has a light to medium coverage and I find it works best if you use a stipple brush and stipple it onto your skin. It says that it is supposed to give an airbrush finish and thats what it did for me. I dont have many imperfections or blemishes on my skin, but ive tried this product on people that do and I found it to cover them pretty well.

Overall for this being a drugstore foundation, I think its pretty good. It applies nicely, and the pump on the bottle is good as well. It has not clogged or got stuck once. At Ulta I bought mine for about $8.99 in the shade Porcelain Ivory: Light 1.

I would higly recommend this product to any girl looking for a good drugstore foundation. I hope this review helped and that maybe you’l try it out. :)

Xoxo, Kristi



Tip of the week: Sponge Tip Shadow Applicators

Tip of the Week: As a young kid, these are the brushes we would all use to play around with. We would steal some of our moms makeup, or older sisters makeup and put on whatever eyshadow we could find. Or atleast thats how it was for me. Any chance that I could get my hands on makeup, I took it. I might have looked like a clown at first, but hey, what little girl doesnt when they get a hold of makeup for the first time.

The point of my whole rambling here is to give you guys a little tip I’ve learned. Most people dont actually use the sponge tip applicators for eyeshadow because they collect bacteria, and in my opinion, dont really work that well for all shadows. An alternative way to use them is to turn them into lipstick applicators. Yes, taking something for eyeshadow, and using it for lipstick. They pick up JUST the pigment, instead of collecting all of the oils and waxes that lead to smudging and fading. Try it sometime and see if it works for you! Feel free to comment and let me know or tell me if you have any ideas on what you would wanna see.

With love and glitter, Kristi

Products I used and steps on how I re-created Christina Aguilera’s Bound To You look

DSC03733Christina Aguilera Bound To You look

Products I used:

Revlon photoready foundation in 001 ivory

Maybelline mineral power translucent powder

Maybelline Instand Age Rewind treatment concealer in 01 Fair

Milani baked bronzer-04 Glow

Maybelline dream mousse blush- 25 Rose Petal

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

BH cosmetics Party Girl Palette

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in black

Urban decay Big fatty mascara in Black



How to achieve this makeup look:

Step 1- Apply your foundation. I used a stippling brush from realTechniques and applied Revlons photoready foundation

Step 2- Apply concelear under eyes with finger. Your finger will help the product set and blend better due to the warmth.

Step 3- Apply powder. I prefer a translucent powder so it does not look cakey and has more of a natural look. Use a big fluffy powder brush to apply all over face.

Step 4- Prime your eyes

Step 5- Take mid-tone brown color and put it in your crease using wind shield wiper motions. (Cirled mid-tone brown in left picture and laced color form Urban Decay vice palette, pictured above to the right.)

Step 6- Put a natural looking tone all over lid and blend both together.

Step 7- Apply liner to the top lash line and wing out a little.

Step 8- Apply mid-tone brown color to bottom lash line.

Step 9- Apply mascara.

Step 10- Apply bronzer under cheek bone going up near temples, making sort of a backwards C. BLEND.

Step 11- Using a soft pink blush color, apply onto cheek bones and once again, blend.

Step 12- Using a soft shimmery white, apply it on top of your cheek bone avoiding the under eye area. (White shimmery color shown above in left picture)

Step 13- YOURE DONE! :)


How to achieve this hair look:

Step 1- Take hair at the crown of head and tease.

Step 2- Curl few front pieces, framing the face.

Step 3-Pull hair back and take piece by piece and pin up using bobby pins. (The messy its done, the better it looks.)

Step 4- I added alittle flower clip like Christina had in the movie, this is an optional step but I thought it added a really nice touch.


I hope you enjoy this look and find it easy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Thanks!

Xoxo, Kristi

Christina Aguilera Bound To You re-creation

Christina Aguilera is nothing shy from absolutely incredible. She is so beautiful and beyond talented. This is my re-created look from the movie Burlesque. Burlesque came out in 2010 and feautured an amazing bunch of  actors/actresses and singers. These included, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Cam Digandet, Kristen Bell, and Stanley Tucci. This look is re-created from the Bound To You scene. I toned down the red lip alittle bit for personal preference, but Christinas trademark red lip is gorgeous and looks great on her. So if a red lip is what you feel, then go for it. I hope you enjoy this look and feel free to re-create it so that it fits you and your style.

All products used and steps on how to achieve this look will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

With love and glitter, Kristi

Christina Aguilera Makeup