Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette: Look 1

Today’s look is going to feature a brand new palette that I finally got my hands on… the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette from Morphe.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette






To create this look, I used three colors from the palette. A soft warm brown, a brown/red shade, and a soft pink/champagne shimmery shade.

The first color I took was the brown one pictured below. I applied this into my crease with my Makeup Geek Soft Dome Brush using windshield wiper motions. I then went in with a Morphe M330 brush and blended that out.Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette The next color I used was this brown/red one pictured below.I took this on a Makeup Geek Pointed Crease Brush and applied it into my crease and the outer corner of my eye. I then went back in with that Morphe M330 Brush, and blended everything out more.Jaclyn Hill Favorites PaletteThe last color I used was the pink champagne color pictured below. I applied this with my Morphe M124 Brush and packed it all over the lid. (Note: My camera did not pick up how pink this color actually is. It looks more like a cream in the pictures, but it is much pinker in person.)
Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette

After applying my shadows, I once again went back in with that Morphe M330 Brush, and blended everything out. I then applied my top eyeliner using Wet N’ Wilds Mega Liner and added a pair of false lashes. The ones I am wearing are the Red Cherry Lashes in the style #1. I used my favorite lash glue, House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive to apply them. I went back in with that same red/brown color and applied it to my bottom lash line using Makeup Geek’s Pencil Brush. I took that same brown color I used in the crease and blended out my bottom lash line with Makeup Geek’s Small Crease Brush. That complete this look! I hope you liked it, and thanks for viewing! :)Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette


First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette

I just received the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette in the mail today! I haven’t used any of the shadows yet, so this post is going to be my first impression.

Let’s first start with the packaging. I personally love the way they designed this palette! I love the colors and the way that it looks almost painted. I love that they included a mirror and a brush too! It is a great size because it isn’t too large like many palettes can be. It can easily be carried in your purse or to travel with.

These colors are extremely pigmented. One swipe and that’s all you need. The colors range from neutral to bright and bold.

Matte Shadows: Dusty Rose, Blue Velvet, Phresh, Coal

Velvet Shadows: Augergine, Punch Fuschia, Buttery

Shimmery Shadows: Unicorn, Orange You Fancy, Beigely, Anaconda, Baby I’m a Star

Anastasia’s Website describes these colors as:

Buttery: A matte, buildable beige
Dusty Rose: A soft, satiny mauve
Phresh: A vibrant, happy yellow
Blue Velvet: A deep, intense navy
Orange You Fancy: A fiery, burnt orange
Beigely: A glimmering, neutral greige
Coal: A sultry, inky black
Anaconda: A sparkling, jungle green
Punch Fuschia: A vibrant orchid hue
Unicorn: A shimmering periwinkle
Baby, I’m a Star: A copper-flecked brown
Aubergine: A moody, eggplant purple

This is a palette that you could bring with you on a trip and would be the only one that you need to bring. You could do a soft look using Buttery on the lid and lightly blending Dusty Rose into it. For more of a dramatic and bold look, you could use Blue Velvet on the lid, Dusty Rose as a transition color, and a little bit of Coal blended into the crease. This palette is very versatile in my opinion, and great for anybody who already loves color, or wants to start adding color into their makeup.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Artist PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Artist PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Artist PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette



I am officially IN LOVE (more than I already was) with Makeup Geek !!! I just received three new Foiled Shadows in the mail, and WOW! just WOW! AMAZING!!! I cannot express how happy I am right now! I will do a post with pictures for each new shadow, very very soon! Can’t wait! :) :) :) :)

For now, GO SHOPPING! and pick up some of these amazing shadows for yourself


You can thank me later! :) :) :) :)


I did the hair and makeup of this beautiful girl today!
She has amazing green eyes so I choose to go for darker colors, like purple and grey, so the green would pop. For a transition color, I used Makeup Geeks Beaches & Cream. On her lid I used Mac Cosmetics Blackberry with Urban Decay Desperation from the Vice Palette on the outer half of her eye and into her crease. I blended these colors out with a soft baby pink color from MAC called Yogurt. I applied MAC black gel liner very lightly on her upper lash line and applied Maybelline mascara to her lashes. I then applied that same Blackberry color under her bottom waterline and applied L’Oreal black Pencil Liner.

I went for a very light and natural look on her face today. I started out by priming her face with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light and Benefits Pore Fessional on her t-zone to minimize the look of pores. I then used my Ben Nye Media Pro Palette and took the two lightest shades mixed together to apply to her face. I applied LA Girl HD Concealer in the shade Classic Ivory in her t-zone, and lightly under her eyes. I then contoured with the LA Girl HD Concealer in the shade Medium Bisque. I then set her concealer with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder and contoured with the lightest contour shade in the Anastasia Beverly Hills original Contour Kit .
And… waahlaahh ! That completed her look for today. This would be a great look for a lot of people. I hope you enjoyed ! I had a great time doing her makeup :)





Makeup Tip

Today’s Makeup Tip is a quick and easy way to adjust your foundation to better fit your skin tone!

When you are as pale as I am, finding the perfect foundation to fit your skin color can be quite difficult. For me at least, it is difficult to find a color that isn’t too warm, and isn’t too cool. Most light shades that I find can either have way too much of a pink undertone, or too much yellow in it. It’s tough to find that perfect color.

That is why, I do a quick and simple trick that adds a little bit of a lighter tint into my foundation and helps it blend into my skin better.

The foundation that I use (and love) is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in the shade Neutral Soft Ivory. Although this foundation does match my skin color, I find that at times it can appear to have too much of a yellow undertone in it for me. So one day while applying my makeup I decided to try and add something to lighten it up.

L'Oreal True Match LUMI

What I did was take my concealer which is the NYX HD Concealer in the shade Porcelain, and I dotted that all over my face on top of my foundation (before I blended anything in at all). After doing this, I blended the foundation and the concealer onto my skin with my damp Beauty Blender. I find that doing this gives my foundation that extra little boost and creates the perfect shade for me. It is also very quick and easy to do!

NYX HD Concealer

So if you are like me and have trouble finding a shade that works well with your skin tone, and you want a cheaper alternative to having to buy multiple foundation shades to mix together, this could be the perfect choice for you! I hope you enjoyed this quick makeup tip :) Don’t forget to comment, likeand subscribe :) :)

Makeup Of The Day

IMG_3610For my Makeup Of The Day today I used my Colour Pop Cosmetics Shadow in the color Fringe! I wanted a soft look with a little shimmer today so keep reading if you want to know how I created it :)



  • I first applied Makeup Geek‘s shadow in the color Latte in my crease with Makeup Geek’s Soft Dome Brush.
  • I then applied MAC Embark in my crease with Makeup Geeks Outer V Brush.
  • I went back in with the original fluffy brush I used to apply Latte, and I blended out Embark so I had no harsh lines.
  • I applied Colour Pop‘s Fringe with my finger all over my lid.
  • I then went back in with MAC‘s Embark and that same Outer V Brush, and blended that color onto the outer part of my lid to make my lid color and the crease color meet and blend nicely.
  • I used Vanilla Bean by Makeup Geek as my highlight color under my brow.
  • I lined my eyes with MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack to thinly line my eyes. Since I wanted a softer simple look today, I stayed away from the winged liner.
  • My Mascara is Maybelline Pumped up! Colossal Volum’ Express mascara.


  • With a damp Beauty Blender, I applied L’Oreal True Match LUMI foundation in the color Soft Ivory.
  • I applied NYX HD Concealer in the color Porcelain under my eyes in a upside down triangular shape and blended that in with the same damp Beauty Blender.
  • I set my under eye concealer with Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in the shade Banana.
  • I contoured under my cheek bones and down the sides of my nose with the same Contour Kit and used the shade Fawn.
  • I filled in my eyebrows with Anastasia Brow Pro Palette in the shade Taupe.

I hope you guys liked this look ! Stayed tuned for more “Makeup Of The Day” looks!

Makeup Of The Day

  • On my face I have on L’Oreal True Match LUMI foundation in the color Soft Ivory (applied with a damp Beauty Blender).
  • Under eye concealer is NYX HD Concealer in the color Porcelain and is set with NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder.
  • To contour I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, using the shade Fawn. I applied this with my Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush.
  • To highlight my cheekbones I used Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Powder with a Sigma F65 Brush
  • On my eyes I used Makeup Geeks Latte, Cocoa Bear and Bitten. I also used MAC’s Embark shadow to deepen up my crease as well as Colour Pop‘s I Heart This shadow on my lid.
  • To do my eyebrows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Palette in the shade Medium Brown.

NYX Pearl Pigment

NYX Loose Pigment

To create this look:

I took Makeup Geek Latte on my Makeup Geek Soft Dome Brush and blended that above my crease as a transition color.

I then took MAC’s Yogurt and applied that in my crease and all over my lid with my Morphe M330 Brush.

I blended out MAC’s Blackberry from the outer corner throughout my crease and into my inner corner with my Makeup Geek Pointed Crease Brush.

I used that same Morphe M330 brush with no extra product on it, and blended that Blackberry color out so I had no harsh lines.

Next I took NYX Pigment in Pearl on my finger and applied that onto the center of my lid making sure not to get it in my crease.

I of course then applied my Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner and NYX liner in White on my water line. I followed that up with Maybeline’s the Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara.

It was a lot of fun creating this wearable look that can work on so many different skin types and eye colors. I hope you enjoyed :)

NYX Haul

~NYX Haul~

I took a trip to Ulta today and picked up a few NYX goodies !

The first thing I picked up was the NYX HD Concealer in the color CW01 Porcelain. I find that because I have such a fair complexion, it can be very difficult to find concealers to highlight with and conceal with that aren’t going to be too dark or match my skin tone exactly. This NYX concealer is a perfect light color for those with fair skin like me :) NYX Haul

The next few things that I picked up were some NYX Loose Pearl Powders.

In order from top to bottom:

A Soft Pink color- 02 Pearl

NYX Haul

A beautiful Mint Green- 30 Jade Pearl 

NYX Haul

Orange Copper- 18 Orange

NYX Haul

Pearl white color- 03 White Pearl
NYX Haul

Dark Brown with gold undertone- 23 Walnut
NYX Haul

Copper Red- 24 Penny Pearl

NYX Haul

Gold Shimmer- 17 Yellow Gold

NYX Haul

NYX Haul

NYX Haul

Purple Smokey Eye

Purple Smokey

~Purple Smokey Eye~

I love playing with color in my makeup, so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the colors that I love, and make them wearable for an everyday look. This purple color is PERFECT for anybody with green/hazel eyes. Purple and green are secondary colors, which basically means that they compliment each other! Purple helps to bring out the green in eyes and that’s why I love using purple in my looks. So let’s get started :)

  • For my transition color, I applied MAC soft pink color called “Yogurt”  with my Morphe M330 brush.
  • I deepened my crease using my Makeup Geek Pointed Crease Brush with a bright purple color from NYX called “Ultraviolet.”NYX
  • I then applied my lid color which is LA Splash Glitter in the color “Passionate Plum.” I applied this with my Morphe M124 brush.GLITTER
  • I then went back in with the original transition color (MAC “Yogurt”) and blended the crease out and made it softer.
  • I also added a highlight color which is Makeup Geek “Vanilla Bean.”
  • I used my Makeup Geek Pencil Brush and applied that same “Passionate Plum” glitter under my bottom lash line.
  • My eyeliner of course is Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner.
  • I used Anastasia Brow Pro Palette in the color “Medium Brown” to fill in my eyebrows.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this look! Don’t forget to comment and subscribe :) With love and glitter, Kristi

Purple SmokeyPurple Smokey