Liquid Lipstick as Eye Shadow??

lipstick eye lipstick eyeI’ve never really been one to follow rules.. When it comes to makeup, I like to say there really aren’t any rules! If you like it, do it. If a product meant for your lips looks better on your eyes, use it! Makeup is about fun and experimenting with different ways of using products.

For this look I used a liquid lipstick all over my entire lid.. Now some people love liquid lipsticks and either dont like the color selections, or dont like the fact of how drying they can be. So I figured, why not wear it on my eye since I love the color but it isn’t quite right for my lips.

So keep reading if you want to find out how I created this look:

  • To start this look off I primed my eyes using MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot in the shade Painterly.
  • All throughout my crease I applied MAC Coral eyeshadow with a MAC 224 which is a big fluffy brush. Using a fluffy brush will make sure the product is applied softly and more blended.
  • To deepen my crease up slightly I then applied MAC Rule which gave it a slightly more orange tone (which I love for green/hazel eyes).
  • All over my lid I applied MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade Rich & Restless with a Morphe M124 brush.
  • Once the lipstick dried down all the way, I went in with the same MAC 224 brush as before (without adding any additional product) and blended out the crease and the lid.
  • I then created a wing using MAC Point Black Liquidlast Liner
  • For mascara I used MAC Upward Lash (my favorite mascara of all time!!!)
  • I applied that same Coral shadow and smoked it out under the lash line
  • And to complete the look I added some black liner in my waterline and topped it off with a coat of mascara on my lower lashes!

I hope you enjoyed this look!! Next time you go shopping for some makeup I hope you think of all the “not typical” ways of using different products! HAVE FUN! : ) :)

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