Best of Beauty: My Must Have Brushes

This post is going to be all about  my must have brushes.. The brushes I absolutely CANNOT live without!!

  • My first must have brush is the MAC 168 Brush. This brush is described on MAC’s website as “A brush designed for the expert application of cheek contour.” I use this for my bronzer and my blush. It is angled perfectly to fit in the contour of your face. It has soft bristles which makes your makeup apply so softly and blends it out flawlessly.IMG_3540
  • The next  brush is a MAC 239 brush. This is the PERFECT brush for applying eye shadow. It grabs the product and applies it onto the lid without losing any of the product. MAC describes this as a “A soft and dense brush to shade or blend eye shadow.”
  • IMG_3541A great crease brush for applying a precise line in the crease is the MAC 221 brush. It applies color and blends it while keeping it concentrated in one are as opposed to buffing the whole area out. I LOVE this brush for cut creases!
  • IMG_3543Below is a picture of the 221 compared to the MAC 224 brush, which is another blending brush. The 221 is thinner and tapers out the same way, but remains thinner at the top.IMG_3545
  • This next product isn’t technically a brush, but it is a makeup tool! This wouldn’t be a best of beauty brush post if  I didn’t include something for foundation. So my favorite way to apply foundation is using a damp Beauty Blender! It blends out foundation so perfectly, I have yet to find any brush that does just as good of a job! If anyone has any suggestions that I should try, let me know in the comments!! beauty blender

I hope you enjoyed this post, and give these brushes a try! What are your favorites??

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