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Makeup Geek

Let’s talk about Makeup Geek Cosmetics! I’m sure if you like to watch Youtube videos, you’ve definitely heard of or came across this brand.

It was started by a girl on Youtube named Marlena. I actually found out about Makeup Geek through a Youtube video that I came across. I then looked up reviews and tutorials with the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and I figured I would give them a try. Boy am I glad I did ! These shadows are amazing. Not only are they such a good price, but they are such good quality too! AH!

Each shadow is $5.99! Yes, you read that correctly, $5.99!!! WOW. That’s honestly all I can say. SO AMAZING.

As I already mentioned (more than once), the price is the first thing that makes these shadows so great. If you do the math and say you want maybe 5 different shadows, you’re only going to be spending about $30 ($29.95 to be exact)! Now compared to a lot of other brands, you can expect to spend anywhere from $8-$10 on just one shadow. You can get a lot more for your money by buying these.

Now being that these are such a good price, you would think maybe the quality is a bit ehh, right? Well that is certainly NOT the case here. The staying power is incredible and I have yet to do a look where they smudged or even moved at all. They are applied so easily and are very smooth to blend. You can easily layer colors and build to get a darker color payoff. They go where you want them to go. The fallout is slim to none and they are true to their color. Meaning the color it looks, is the color it is.

In my first order, I got the Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans. Because I already have a Mac palette, I was able to add magents and put these in too. I ordered 5 shadows actually. I loved them so much that I went back and ordered more as well. 3 more to be exact. All the colors that I have from Makeup Geek are:

Prom Night- listed on the Makeup Geek website as “A pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmery finish”

Corrupt- “Intense matte black with a very subtle sparkle”

Cinderella- “Pale shimmery pink”

Shimma Shimma- “Metallic Champagne”

Moondust- “Metallic silver taupe”

Vanilla Bean- “Light Shimmer with Peachy Beige Undertone”

Stealth- “Matte True Gray”

White Lies- “Matte True White”

The reason i’m not giving my own descriptions of the color is because the descriptions they give on the website are SO accurate. I really can’t say anything more about them! I love each and every shadow that I have.

My Makeup Geek eyeshadows are the ones to the right of the palette. The other four are some of my Mac shadows.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows


Makeup Geek Shadows

I have not ventured out and gotten any other makeup products that are Makeup Geek, but I have tried two of their brushes:

Pointed Crease Brush- Perfect for appliying color in your crease while  blending it out at the same time of application.

Bent Liner Brush-  It’s an AMAZING brush if you want to get a precise line on your upper lid. Perfect for any type of winged liner, and I find it so easy to use and hold.

Overall, I have loved everything that I have purchased from Makeup Geek and I highly recommend everyone checking them out! I promise you’ll love them just as much as I do! :)

With love and glitter, Kristi





2 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Review”

  1. Hello!
    I was scrolling down your blog and saw this post and I came to wonder, how did you make your makeup geek shadows stick to the MAC palette? Do you use stickers or what do you use since the palette isn’t magnetic? And I don’t really like the look of an insert as much as when the shadows just sit in the palette. I’d really appreciate an answer.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. From the craft store, I bought circle magnets that have a sticker on one side to stick to the back of the shadow! The palette is magnetic, the shadows will stick right to it once the magnet is attached :)

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