Longwearing Grungy Makeup Look

Grungy Makeup


If you knew me personally then you would know that I LOVE anything warm and smokey and anything that takes on that grungy makeup vibe.

Today I felt like creating a look that was simple and would stay on all day. The products that I chose for this look were picked specifically for those reasons. These are the types of colors that I love to wear during this time of year. Ones that are not too warm, but not too cool toned. Any skin color can wear this look which is how I try to create most of my looks.

So let’s get started!

  • I started off by priming my lids with MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Painterly.
  • I then used a warm light brown shade from me Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette and blended that all throughout my crease.
  • In order to ensure that these colors would last all day, I used MAC’s Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in the shade Soft Steel all over my lid. When applying this, make sure you do not get it too much in your crease. (A little tip with these is to let them slightly dry and blend out after a few seconds- If you let them get too dry, they can become too hard to blend.)
  • Using a more tapered blending brush, I went in with a neutral medium brown color from the same Morphe palette, and blended that right above the “Soft Steel” color we just applied.
    • This medium brown color will help to blend the edges out and create a smoother transition between the original blending color we laid down and our lid color.
  • Once that was blended out, I went in with a fluffy brush and buffed all colors together.
  • I then created a winged liner using Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Liner.
  • Mixing both crease colors together, I buffed those under my lower lash line with a pencil brush.
  • For a pop of copper in my inner corner, I applied MAC’s Electric Cool Eyeshadow in the shade In Orbit using a pencil brush I sprayed with MAC Fix Plus.
  • To finish off this look, of course I had to use one of my favorites, the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Vintage.

That completes this look, I hope you liked it! If you try it out, let me know and tag me in pictures. You can follow me on instagram where I post a lot more looks at @TouchedByGlitter :)

Inspired by NYX “Brooklyn Thorn”



Since it is snowing here in New York, I was stuck staying inside all day. I’m quite the procrastinator, but having a snow day, I was able to get a lot of stuff done.

Including playing around with some new makeup!!

I was at Ulta not too long ago and saw they had some of their NYX sets on sale. I got a set of three NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks for 40% off! The set that I chose had more grungy colors in it. Including one called Brooklyn Thorn. This is the lipstick that inspired this entire look.



I sat down today and recorded this look, which will be edited and uploaded soon!

These are the products that I used:

On my eyes:

  • MAC Wedge
  • Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette
  • Makeup Geek Foiled shadow “Mesmerized” – This is a beautiful taupe with purple undertones
  • Ardell Demi Lashes


On my face:

  • L’Oreal True Match in the shade W2 light ivory
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in the shade light
  • I set my entire face with my Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder
  • To contour I used Anastasia Beverly Hills “Fawn”
  • My blush is MAC Tenderling

Keep an eye out for the video which will be coming very soon!! xoxo

Liquid Lipstick as Eye Shadow??

lipstick eye lipstick eyeI’ve never really been one to follow rules.. When it comes to makeup, I like to say there really aren’t any rules! If you like it, do it. If a product meant for your lips looks better on your eyes, use it! Makeup is about fun and experimenting with different ways of using products.

For this look I used a liquid lipstick all over my entire lid.. Now some people love liquid lipsticks and either dont like the color selections, or dont like the fact of how drying they can be. So I figured, why not wear it on my eye since I love the color but it isn’t quite right for my lips.

So keep reading if you want to find out how I created this look:

  • To start this look off I primed my eyes using MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot in the shade Painterly.
  • All throughout my crease I applied MAC Coral eyeshadow with a MAC 224 which is a big fluffy brush. Using a fluffy brush will make sure the product is applied softly and more blended.
  • To deepen my crease up slightly I then applied MAC Rule which gave it a slightly more orange tone (which I love for green/hazel eyes).
  • All over my lid I applied MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade Rich & Restless with a Morphe M124 brush.
  • Once the lipstick dried down all the way, I went in with the same MAC 224 brush as before (without adding any additional product) and blended out the crease and the lid.
  • I then created a wing using MAC Point Black Liquidlast Liner
  • For mascara I used MAC Upward Lash (my favorite mascara of all time!!!)
  • I applied that same Coral shadow and smoked it out under the lash line
  • And to complete the look I added some black liner in my waterline and topped it off with a coat of mascara on my lower lashes!

I hope you enjoyed this look!! Next time you go shopping for some makeup I hope you think of all the “not typical” ways of using different products! HAVE FUN! : ) :)

“Sumptous Olive” Makeup Look

olive green


  • Starting off, I primed my eyes with MAC Paint Pot in the shade Painterly
  • Using a MAC 224 brush, I applied Soft Brown all over my crease
  • Using that same brush I applied MAC Brown Script right over that
  • Taking a MAC 217 brush, I applied MAC Corduroy in the outer corner of my eye and lightly blended it inward.
  • On my lid I applied MAC Sumptuous Olive with a MAC 242 Brush.
  • I applied a pair of lashes which are Ardell Demi Wispies
  • Next I applied Inglot #77 Liner in my bottom waterline and smoked it out using a Makeup Geek Pencil brush and MAC Brown Script mixed with Soft Brown.

I absolutely love wearing this look. Anyone can wear it no matter what eye color, but it looks especially great on anybody that has Hazel or Brown eyes! I hope you enjoy :)

Blue Brown Makeup Look

IMG_7810To start off this makeup look, I primed my eyes with MAC ProLong Wear Concealer in the shade NC15 and set it with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

  • Using a Morphe M511 Brush, I applied MAC Soft Brown in my crease.
  • On top of that I applied MAC Brown Script using the same brush.
  • To deepen my crease slightly, I applied MAC Corduroy with a MAC 217 Brush.
  • Using a MAC 224 Brush with no product on it, I blended all of these colors together.
  • My secret little weapon when working with Pigments is to apply Too Faced Glitter Glue on top of any area where I want the pigment to go.
  • Using my finger I applied the glitter glue all over my lid, making sure not to get it in my crease.
  • Before the glue fully dried, I applied MAC Blue Brown Pigment with a MAC 239 Brush.
  • I then applied a coat of MAC Zoom Lash Mascara and Ardell Wispie Lashes on top.
  • Using MAC Prolong Wear Definitedly Black Liner I applied it in my water line and slightly into my lash line.
  • I took a Sigma E15 Flat Definer Brush and smudged Corduroy underneath my lower lash line.
  • I blended that out using MAC Soft Brown and a Morphe M411 Brush.
  • To finish off the look I applied a coat of MAC Zoom Lash Mascara.

I am obsessed with this pigment and enjoyed creating this look!! I hope you enjoy it too!

Updated Everyday Makeup

MakeupI am the type of person who is constantly switching up my everyday makeup and foundation routine. I’m constantly trying new products, looking for the best ones.

This everyday makeup routine includes a few new products, and is probably one of my favorites!

  • After moisturizing my face, I go in with MAC Studio Water Weight foundation in the shade NC20. I apply this with a damp Beauty Blender, starting in the center of my face, and blending it outwards. I have dry skin, so finding a foundation that won’t dry me out more, but won’t be too oily, can be very hard. I have recently fallen in love with this MAC foundation because it applies flawlessly and is a perfect match to my skin color.
  • For my concealer I use L.A. Girl concealer in the shade Ivory, and apply this in an upside down triangle under my eyes and on my eyelids. This is blend in with my Beauty Blender as well.
  • I do not set my foundation with powder because I have dry skin. Many people think that you always have to set your foundation, but that isn’t always the case. When your skin is dry, sometimes powder can actually dry it out further and create dry patches on your skin.
  • A product I am newly in LOVE with is the MAC Ellie Goulding Powder Blush! It is the perfect contour color for my fair skin.blush
  • I contour with this shade “I’ll Hold My Breath” using a MAC 168 Angled Contour Brush.
  • For blush I applied MAC “Tenderling” using the same brush
  • My highlight is MAC Vanilla Pigment and Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm
  • To fill in my brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Medium Brown
  • For mascara I’ve been loving the new MAC Maximized False Lashes Primer and applying MAC Zoom Lash Mascara on top. This primer makes your lashes CRAZY long and does not clump or dry and flake off.

That completes this look! If you have dry skin like me, I definitely recommend trying out MAC Studio Water Weight foundation, I promise you wont regret it :) :)

*On my lips I have MAC Cherish Lipstick and Subculture Liner*


Best of Beauty: My Must Have Brushes

This post is going to be all about  my must have brushes.. The brushes I absolutely CANNOT live without!!

  • My first must have brush is the MAC 168 Brush. This brush is described on MAC’s website as “A brush designed for the expert application of cheek contour.” I use this for my bronzer and my blush. It is angled perfectly to fit in the contour of your face. It has soft bristles which makes your makeup apply so softly and blends it out flawlessly.IMG_3540
  • The next  brush is a MAC 239 brush. This is the PERFECT brush for applying eye shadow. It grabs the product and applies it onto the lid without losing any of the product. MAC describes this as a “A soft and dense brush to shade or blend eye shadow.”
  • IMG_3541A great crease brush for applying a precise line in the crease is the MAC 221 brush. It applies color and blends it while keeping it concentrated in one are as opposed to buffing the whole area out. I LOVE this brush for cut creases!
  • IMG_3543Below is a picture of the 221 compared to the MAC 224 brush, which is another blending brush. The 221 is thinner and tapers out the same way, but remains thinner at the top.IMG_3545
  • This next product isn’t technically a brush, but it is a makeup tool! This wouldn’t be a best of beauty brush post if  I didn’t include something for foundation. So my favorite way to apply foundation is using a damp Beauty Blender! It blends out foundation so perfectly, I have yet to find any brush that does just as good of a job! If anyone has any suggestions that I should try, let me know in the comments!! beauty blender

I hope you enjoyed this post, and give these brushes a try! What are your favorites??

Valentines Day Makeup

Valentines Day MakeupToday’s look is this Valentines Day inspired all pink shimmery eye!

  • I started off by buffing MAC “Wedge” in my crease using a Morphe 441 Brush.
  • I then took a MAC 217 Brush and applied the hot pink shade “Noise” from the Urban Decay Vice Palette in my crease and swept that all the way inward towards my inner tear duct.
  • Next I applied Makeup Geeks “Shimma Shimma” on my lid from the inner tear duct until about three quarters of the way out.
  • To create my wing I used, Wet N’ Wild Mega Liner and then I applied MAC Zoom Fast Lash mascara.
  • I popped on a pair of falsies in order to give it more of a whispie look. The ones I’m wearing are Ardell “Demi whispies”
  • I then took that same shade “Noise” from Urban Decay and buffed that under my lower lash line using a Morphe 169 Brush. 
  • I finished it off by adding a coat of mascara to my bottom lashes and a little black liner in my bottom waterline.

That’s all I did to create this quick and easy, Valentines Day inspired look! I hope you like it! <3 <3 <3 <3

Cranberry With A Pop of Gold

IMG_6723 IMG_6724For today’s makeup I went with a warm cranberry look and incorporated a pop of gold on the center of the lid.

  • I started out by priming my eyes with MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NW15.
  • I set that concealer with Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.
  • The first color I applied in my crease was from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette in the shade “ES13″
  • I then went over that with a Morphe M441 brush and the shade ES14.
  • To trace out my crease a little more, I used the shade “ES71″ and a MAC 221 brush.
  • On my lid I applied MAC “Coppering” with a 239 Brush
  • For that pop of gold on the center of my lid, I applied MAC “Amber Lights”
  • To finish off the top of the eyes, I applied a pair of false lashes. The ones I used are an oldie but a goodie.. Ardell “Wispies”
  • I applied Inglot #77 gel liner on my bottom waterline
  • I smudged out my lower lash line using a smudge brush and that same “ES13″ shade that I originally applied in my crease.
  • Using a Sigma definer brush, I applied “ES71″ very close to my bottom lash line and blended the two colors together.

That completes the look! This is very very easy to create, but looks like you took a lot of time and effort to complete it. Thanks for reading!


Wearable Blue/ Turquoise Smokey Eye


This look has to be one of my favorites to wear lately. It’s smokey, but not too smokey to where it isn’t wearable. This look is very simple and only requires three shadows to achieve! I hope you enjoy and try it out :) :)

  • For my transition color, I applied the shade “Wedge” from MAC
  • To deepen up my crease, I used Makeup Geek “Bedrock”
  • On my lid is MAC “Knight Divine”
  • Since I wanted this look more dramatic and smokey, I applied a pair of false lashes. The ones I’m wearing are in the style “Iconic” by House of Lashes.
  • I applied black eyeliner in my water line and lightly smudged it out using MAC “Wedge”
  • I took “Bedrock” on my Sigma definer brush and applied it very close to my bottom lashes to smoke it out.
  • For a light inner corner highlight, I used MAC “Nylon.”
  • On my lips I have on my very first MAC lipstick, “Shy Shine.”
  • Before applying my lipstick, I conditioned my lips with MAC Lip Conditioner and applied MAC “Soar” Lip Liner to define my lips.